T&M+ DynPack

Test&MotionPlus module to control dynamic testers

Test&Motion Software module DynPack has especially been developed to control dynamic testers. It records and evaluates data with a rate of up to 1 kHz via several channels.

DynPack is able to communicate simultaneously with several EDCs.

Thus making it possible to control a two or three axsis system.

DynPack has a function generator, which can generate rampen as well as triangual and sinusodial signals.


  • Windows Program, executable under Windows 2000 / XP/ 7 / 10
  • Oscilloscope-Window for set and actual value
  • “bumpless transfer” between the three controlling types
  • Data acquisition by three channels with 1000Hz, max. eight measuring channels
  • Possiblities for setting the function generator:
    cycle preset, cycle counter, end of test criteria, limit value settings
  • PID-Action via program, peak value controlling to amplitude maximum
  • Graphical on-line-display of the signals
  • Data storage according to time, result (changing an active measuring channel)
  • Saving of the envelope curve
  • Saving according to a preset amount of vibrations
  • Synchronisation of several EDCs possible (e.g. Tension-/ Torsion tests)