EDCi10 cabinet device with ±10 V command output  /  see the video or EDC10_Applicationsheet_V1.0_20200713

Universal digital measurement and control electronics for many testing machines and applications Metallic build-in housing for cabinet without keys and display

Control loop frequency: up to 1 kHz

Supply voltage: + 24 VDC, 1.5 A

Automatic sensor identification by intelligent Sensor Plug iSP

X4 machine control interface, command output ±10 V or A/B pulse for control of drive and machine electronics

X5 interface for Remote Machine Control RMCi with e-stop option

X7 interface for incremental digital and analog sensors for position feedback

X14 analog measurement amplifier for DMS with DC excitation with 20,000,000 steps resolution

Communication to PC: Ethernet RJ45 plug

Configuration and setup with PC software DOLI Installation Center

Machine control and applying test procedures with DOLI Test&MotionPlus application software or your own software through DOLI DoPE API