PCINC3 PCI104-bus

PC104-bus-PC-card for the connection of two incremental encoder

(sine 11μA, sine 1Vpp, or rectangular)

PCI104-bus-PC-card for connection of two encoders. Encoders get their supply voltage (+5V) from the PC-card.

Every encoder can be configured for the following inputs signals:

  • Incremental sinus signal with 11μA signal (sine, cosine) at a reference of 6μA
  • Incremental sinus signal with 1V signal amplitude (sine, cosine) at a reference 0f 0,5V
  • Incremental rectangular signal with RS422 signal


  • Driver software available
  • High resolution, interpolation factor via software configurable: 20, 40, 100, 200 and others