The intelligent software solution for your test applications

 A test software should be able to:

  1. display everything I want to
  2. evaluate everything I need
  3. give everything out the way I like it

DOLI combined these tasks in the Test&Motion Software. Different information is shown in different windows at the same time.

Test&Motion was developed in a modular design. It consists of the basic software containing a simple but adaptable tension/compression test and different modules for almost all kinds of testing applications. The special module Free Programming offers the possibility to design tests individually.

All sorts of signal sources can be displayed. Load, position and strain are standard, but other transducers or calculated results can be displayed, also. Sample diameter, temperature, scales etc. are possible as well as results via I/Os.

Variables are shown as curve in X- or Y-direction or listed digitally. Furtheron, you have the possibility to: change the names of the variables (e.g. load or F), zoom the grafic several times and store remarks within the grafic.

If a bigger view of the curve is needed, the graphic window can be drawn up to screen size. Due to the organization in single windows, you do have the possibility, to move important values to a point where you can still see them.

T&M is able to process several EDCs in a multiaxial manner. EDCs can be cascade and – what is even more important – synchronized, resulting in absolute identical signals for all channels. T&M can communicate with several EDCs at the same time. Applications: Tension/Torsion, 3-axial load systems aso.