T&M+ Basic

The basic software for a simple tension or compression test!

  • User surface for all T&M modules
  • The test can be adapted to almost all kinds of applications
  • User surface; parameter input and storage; graphic X/Y-display on-line
  • Possible X- and Y-axis quantities: load, stress, X-head travel, strain, technical strain, time (from test start), true strain, nominal strain, time and defined signal input
    determination of five values on the X- or Y-axis, maximum, breach as X- and Y-value. Corresponding determination of values for compression tests.
  • Adaptation to LIMSystems
  • Statistic functions: mean value, min/max value, range, median, standard deviation, practical limit of error, aso.
  • Display of all data sent by the instrument: load, X-head travel, strain and defined signal input